Contract to be read and signed before first personal training session

To conduct my business effectively and efficiently the following terms and conditions apply:


Attendance & Communication


It is the responsibility of The Client to keep The Trainer informed if they are unable to attend or are unable to arrive at the agreed time (running late).


If the Client knows they are unable to attend and does NOT cancel their session by informing The Trainer with at least 24 hours notice then the session shall be forfeited and The Client shall be charged for that session.


If The Client knows they are unable to attend and cancels their session with at least 24 hours notice then The Trainer shall rearrange that session for a different day/time within the same week, with no penalty to The Client.


If The Client cancels their session and notifies The Trainer with less than 12 hours notice, it is at The Trainers discretion to either reschedule the session for another timeslot in the same week or have The Client forfeit the session.


If The Client is more than 20 minutes late for their session and has NOT notified The Trainer. The Client will be considered a no show and The Client will be charged for the session without participating, even if they arrive after the 20 minute mark the session will not take place.


If The Client HAS notified The Trainer then the session shall go ahead once The Client arrives but will end at the scheduled time.


If The Client fails to make contact with The Trainer or fails to attend their session due to an emergency which leaves them unable to do so, then it will be at the discretion of The Trainer to decide if/when the session takes place. If The Trainer agrees to rearrange the session then it shall be at a time/date to suit both parties.


Sessions bought must be completed by the expiry date agreed with The Trainer or the unused sessions shall be forfeited with no refund.


Please note: Communication is key to a good Client/Trainer relationship so always keep The Trainer informed of any issues and understand results will depend on The Clients nutrition/diet alongside the training.





All payments are due to be paid to The Trainer at least 5 working days before the start of The Clients first session and payments for block bookings are to be made in full. If payment in full has not been made then The Client shall not participate in training sessions until payment is made.


If The Client decides to continue their training with The Trainer after their current booking expires, then payment for the next block must be paid at least 3 working days before the continuation. Failure to do so may result in The Clients current timeslots being taken by another client.


A new expiry date shall be agreed and logged below.


Cancellation Policy


The Client may be charged for sessions missed as follows:


By Client on more than 24 hours notice - No charge/loss of session.

By Client on less than 24 hours notice, Client able to rearrange and complete session in the same week - No charge/loss of session.

By Client on less than 12 hours notice - Trainer discretion (see above)


In the event of cancellation by the PT, the PT is responsible for notifying the Client of any such cancellation / amended time. There will be no charge/loss of session.


Refund Policy


If The Client is unable to continue the block of sessions for medical reasons and can produce a doctors note to say exercise can not be undertaken under any circumstances on medical grounds, a refund may be available for unused sessions.


If the client decides to cease training there will be no refunds given for unused sessions.


Late Arrivals


The PT is only required to wait for 20 minutes past the agreed start time. After this the Client will forfeit the amount for the session. If the Client, arrives within the 20 minutes the PT will complete the time left of the original session. No extra time will be given.


If the PT is more than 10 minutes late on arrival to the session, the Client can have a full hour from the time that the PT arrives (if convenient), or the Client can have the remaining time of the session added on to another session.


Declaration of Understanding The Client, fully understands and agrees to abide by the above rules and regulations.